Monthly Archives: January 2015


Ah, here we are again.  Or rather, here I am again.  Whether you show up or not is entirely unknown until it happens.

Back in April, I purchased a lot of alcohol.  So much so that my stomach was all knotted the second I saw the total on the screen and swiped my card.  They say you don’t feel it as much when you use plastic instead of cash, but this one hit hard.  The total came to a number so high that I shan’t mention it here, and it took me a while to tell Wife.

Because of that largest purchase I’ll ever make (at least in one trip…), I made a promise to Wife that I wouldn’t purchase anymore alcohol for the rest of the year.  The exception(s), of course, were if I happened to stumble upon a bottle of something very hard to find, or something so cheap I would question the soundness of the store owner’s mind.  I found a bottle or two that fit that criteria, but that was it.  For over half of the year I had to rely on the stores already built up in the basement which, if I’m honest, could hold me over for several years.

My original intention was to review everything on the shelf to keep this blog going and to keep it whiskey related.  As you can tell, I failed.

But it’s a new year!

Purchases have once again picked up and new items are being added to the “tried it” list.  However, I still feel the desire to run through and review everything on the shelf.  While that will take a while at a pace of one review per week (perhaps sometimes more), I’ll move onward.

“But it’s already the third week of the new year,” you say.

Yes…yes it is.  If I’m anything, I’m a procrastinator.

But I’ve procrastinated enough and it’s time to keep moving with this blog I started for a reason.  Now the question is, do I review at random or move through the shelves left to right, top to bottom?  The latter would be alphabetically by distillery starting with American whiskey, moving through Canadian, into scotch, and finally rum, because that’s how my shelves are organized.

But that’s perfectly normal….right?